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United by their diversity and desire for peace, the Vigil Ones travel the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, seeking to keep the treaty between the Horde and Alliance intact.

Created when Dashade became aware of the treaty between the factions, the Vigil Ones have served the Rebellion loyally since its creation. Originally merely a small circle of friends seeking to aid each other, they began to find others in the Rebellion and seek out potential allies.

Dashade’s origins have always been in question, and he almost never speaks of his past, not even to explain where he acquired his ship or his allies. Most likely, he stole both: the ship from a cult on a remote and forgotten island and his allies from the remains of the guilds the Rebellion has faced. One thing is for certain - there are many powerful entities throughout the world who would like to see him swing from a gallows. His current scheme of stealing allies for the Rebellion has earned him few friends, particularly because the pirate steals them from the wealthy, the powerful, and the nobility when he can.

(He will never confirm whether he does so out of true contempt for people of influence or simply because he enjoys the jest.)

Still, no one knows for certain where Dashade and his ship, the Neverest, make port.

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